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Travel and hospitality companies encompass a range of markets, including airline/fleet operators, hotels, casinos, restaurants, and managed workspaces. SpurTree offers transformational technology solutions featuring omnichannel strategies for gamified loyalty, interactive digital experiences utilizing VR/AR/digital billboards, building management solutions, and interactive menus. Our diverse team of technology experts ensures that you remain ahead in the digital world.

Today’s customers demand unparalleled service and unlimited choices. It is imperative for travel and hospitality firms to prioritize the highest degree of customer satisfaction by leveraging modern digital tools.

SpurTree’s expertise includes transforming shopping mall experiences through a fusion of IoT, mobility, and loyalty, constructing next-generation travel solutions, reimagining loyalty programs for quick-service restaurants, hotels, spas, and airline operators, providing transformative commerce solutions for the gig economy, and creating building management solutions for large, complex facilities.

interactive digital experiences using VR/AR

management solutions for large, complex facilities

Building next-gen travel solutions

interactive digital experiences using VR/AR

  1. Create an immersive and engaging environment that prioritize convenience, personalization, and customer satisfaction

  2. IoT technology enables personalized interactions, as shoppers receive tailored recommendations based on their preferences and past purchases

  3. Mobility solutions optimize the shopping journey, providing real-time information on store locations, product availability, and even efficient parking options

  4. Loyalty programs add an extra layer of value by rewarding customers for their loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a sense of exclusivity with rewards & personalized offers

management solutions for large, complex facilities

  1. Digital management solutions are increasingly vital for efficiently managing large and complex facilities

  2. Advanced technologies as such, streamline operations, enhance productivity and optimize resource allocation

  3. With features like real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and centralized control systems, facility managers gain better visibility and control over various aspects, such as energy consumption, security and asset management

  4. Integration with IoT devices enables data-driven decision-making and proactive problem-solving, leading to cost savings and improved performance.

  5. Organizations can effectively tackle the challenges of maintaining and operating large-scale facilities by harnessing these digital solutions

Building next-gen travel solutions

  1. Leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data analytics to revolutionize the entire travel experience

  2. Empower travelers with convenience, efficiency and unforgettable adventures by leveraging solutions from smart itinerary planning and seamless booking systems to immersive destination exploration and personalized recommendations.

  3. Facilitate real-time communication, enhance safety and security measures

  4. Provide valuable insights to travel companies for continuous improvement

  5. Unlock new possibilities, exceed customer expectations and pave the way for the future of travel

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