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Consumption patterns, digital channels and audience behavior continue to evolve in the ever transforming information industry.
Channels have evolved from the real to the virtual, consumption has moved from dynamic to real-time to generative, and audience behavior has shifted from passive to active. The need to keep reinventing to stay on top of these megatrends is real.
SpurTree helps established enterprises and startups in the industry focus on their business while we solve the technology behind the business. We bring the technology behind some of the leading Internet, mobile, media, advertising, edtech, fintech and new age businesses. Our solutions include mobility for scale, engagement platforms for large Internet businesses, bringing advertising ideas to digital life, and being a one-stop digital partners for publishing, new media and lifestyle firms.

Some of SpurTree’s solutions have included envisaging and building an engaging edtech business for expecting and new parents, being the technology arm behind two of the largest on demand businesses in pharma and cab services, creating a gamified and rewarding community for medical professionals to collaborate and earn additional income during their spare time, developing an analytics platform based on artificial intelligence for the publishing industry, and being a trusted implementation and customization partner for several large platform and subscription-based businesses globally.

Mobility for scale

Engagement platforms for large Internet businesses

Bring advertising ideas to digital life

mobility for scale

  1. Leverage the power of mobile devices, cloud computing, and responsive design to accommodate increasing user demands and evolving technology trends

  2. Increase brand visibility and revenue opportunities by attracting and engaging large user base through websites, applications mobile devices

  3. Leverage Cloud-based platforms to scale IT infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively, while ensuring that systems can handle increasing user demands without compromising performance or security

  4. Enable agile way of working through mobile workflows that facilitate real-time communication and collaboration, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency

engagement platforms for large internet businesses

  1. Leverage customer data like preferences, behaviors and interests to deliver personalised experiences and in turn enhances user satisfaction while boosting engagement metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates & average session durations.

  2. Provide accessible channels for communication like chatbot or messaging systems so that businesses can strengthen their relationships with users, address concerns promptly and build a sense of community

bring advertising ideas to digital life

  1. Tailor advertisements to individual preferences and behaviors so that businesses can increase relevance and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates & improved return on investment (ROI)

  2. Expand reach beyond geographical limitations and connect with customers in real-time resulting in customer acquisitions in previously untapped markets

  3. Leverage techniques such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and interactive videos to captivate audience and foster deeper engagement

  4. Real time data-driven approach enables businesses to optimize their advertising strategies on the fly, making adjustments to maximize results and minimize wasted ad spend

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