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Enterprise Digital Transformation

What we do

We help businesses capture the power of disruptive, emerging technologies. Our consultative approach ensures we strategize the best possible solutions in the shortest possible time. We help customers in re-engineering, migrating, and maintaining any business-critical application.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. We help our customers to sustain and enhance digitally. Coaching Enterprises to master transformation & skills needed for digital success. We design & build business processes and products of the future.


How we add value?

Anywhere Operations – ensuring business continuity in the time of pandemic.
Agile – to ensure faster time-to-market.
Future - ready tech solutions
Dedicated - business unit that is highly focused on Niche Technology

How can we help your business?

We are Consultative in our approach and ensure we strategize the best possible solutions in the shortest possible time.
We are UX and Tech Expert – enabling us to ensure our solutions provide best usability and adoption while being future-ready.
We are Agile – in mindset and in operations, so your business can benefit from a faster time-to-market.
We employ Anywhere Operations – to enable a Total Experience solution that is not limited to geographic constraints.

Case Studies


Computershare Governance Services- BoardWorks

Computershare Governance Services offers corporate governance and compliance solutions to help companies transform their business practices and stay ahead of ever-changing market dynamics. We address today’s global compliance challenges through entity management, board governance, registered agent services and regulatory filing solutions.

Board Works board portal is a digitized, secure communication and collaboration tool created to help directors and administrators transform the way they share board materials. With the need for confidentiality and data protection growing each year, board portals are becoming the standard solution in solving many challenges for administrators and directors.


The Client is an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) company, headquartered in Malaysia with strong presence in the Southeast Asia region. The Solution allows real-time tracking of the work progress and enables assigning of tasks to the available resource with the right equipment in the right location, and at the right time.

This is a hospital-based web Application helps Knowing where the resources (field crew) are, and their next scheduled appointments are paramount to best manage, distribute and monitor the workload and tasks assigned and improve responses to customers.


Ikano Industry

To simplify life for most people so that they can focus on living it.
Problem space - To simplify the recruitment process.
Key issues identified.
When an applicant applies for a career opportunity on the main website, it would go as an email to HR.
It was a cumbersome process to filter the candidates.
Also, to identify between the type of jobs they have applied.
HR did not have option to enable or disable the available job positions.
Solution approach
HR & Applicant portal
Created an applicant portal to apply for jobs with more details rather than traditional way of sending emails.
Created a separate module for different type job of positions. So it would be easier to add the respective information by applicants
Created an admin portal for HR. Where they can view all the applied candidates details along with their various filter & sorting options
HR will be able to add a new job position with respective data. Also, can enable or disable the job when required.

myTVS App

Problem space - To simplify the recruitment process.
Key issues identified.
It was difficult to know the current location of your car when someone else is riding.
Also, to identify your driver’s behavior
Car owners do not have option to request for roadside assistance and service bookings.
Solution approach
Android & iOS App
Through myTVS app, anyone can schedule an appointment for installing the OBD device to their vehicle.
Book your car service from myTVS app.
Real time service tracking
Other assist packages such as Roadside assistance, car health monitoring, trip history, geofence, driver behavior, etc.
Service bookings and Vehicle tracking made easier.
Provided a simpler way to schedule OBD device installation for your car.
A great user experience for monitoring vehicle health, trip history and driver behavior
Vehicle’s live location tracking on Google Map APIs
Setting up geofencing for your car
Trip details: Alerts plotting using Google Map.
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