Emerging Startups

SpurTree, a trusted partner for startups, offers a comprehensive suite of engineering and business consulting services that pave the way for success.  Our experienced engineering and business consulting teams collaborate with entrepreneurs on all phases of development from ideation to development and release.
A technology startup demands skills and talent in various disciplines both technical and functional. It is rare that a startup has the wherewithal to possess all of this talent within their own employee base. SpurTree’s distinctive organizational structure and team members focus on these competencies, providing valuable consulting and technical value for our clients. Startups can tap into this knowledge and talent when the demand arises and then cycle back down as needed to manage budget constraints.

Project Management/Scrum Masters /Business Analysts

This team prides themselves on clear communication, facilitation, and meticulous tracking skills. SpurTree’s Business Analysts help with Product Engineering to write the detailed user stories necessary for quality development.   Project Managers and Scrum Masters refine the backlog, drive the tasks, manage, and mitigate the issues, and focus on early risk identification and resolution, drawing upon the collective expertise of all team members.

Advanced Engineering Architecture

The heart and foundation of any technology startup’s success lies in its architecture. SpurTree’s principal team, backed by years of experience, specializes in building scalable solutions that align with clients’ features, performance, scalability, and security requirements. With our multi-cloud capabilities, SpurTree guides startups in selecting the optimal cloud provider (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP), or leverages existing vendor environments for architectural components that can scale. Notably, SpurTree’s architects focus on solutions that satisfy today’s needs and can expand for the future. We take focused care to not over design the solution which can hamper cost optimization and the value drivers of an early startup.

Infrastructure & Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) for CI/CD

SpurTree aligns its SRE team with the architecture team so that the pipelines are built quickly and efficiently as these focused skills are needed to begin development. Some firms combine dev and infrastructure engineers, but SpurTree drives efficiency through separate organizations to offer the focus and skills that clients demand.

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