Client Brief

Moonpark is an inclusive platform where a user can host in-person classes, connect with others, and discover new hobbies!
The founder of the company is Kelly Choi who runs the company as CEO. The company is relatively new and has a total user base of 515.
Their product is a mobile app with in-person classes hosted by the community. After signing up as an explorer, users can browse through classes near them and discover new hobbies right in their neighborhood. 
Moonparks platform makes it easy to find classes that cater to your needs – all while providing flexibility in scheduling and giving back to locals. Those who want to share knowledge can make an additional profile to become a guide and show what they love with your community.

Project Scope

The problem was to build a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms that would help Moonpark in implementing its business.
After the initial production release, the focus was to build features that would either increase the count of new users or retain existing users.
An admin application/dashboard was later built which was to be used by Moonpark to manage its operations.

Project Outcome

The outcome of our partnership was manifold; Moonpark now had a mobile application to facilitate consumers on their learning journey. In the second phase, our teams focused on improving the UI which led to a better customer experience. The next phase saw operational efficiencies realized through the Admin application to support their business operations, and we continue to partner with Moonpark in maintaining their mobile application.

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