React Native Lead

What skills are we looking for?

As a React Native Lead, we would look for your experience in as many of the following technologies, concepts and frameworks –

  • React Native Development
    • Experience in the development of beautiful, usable and functionally rich hybrid or native iOS or Android apps
    • Strong experience working with RESTful APIs
    • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with iOS and Android
    • Good knowledge on advanced state management and its need and working knowledge of state management libraries like Redux or Apollo Client
    • Good understanding of major mobile design & development paradigms spanning user experience (native, HTML 5/Webkit), data ingestion, analytics, web services (REST & JSON) etc.
    • Experience in working with payment gateway integrations such as Stripe, Apple Pay etc.
    • Experience working with social integrations and SDKs like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc for authentication
    • Experience with a clear understanding of how events and user behavior are captured for analytics purposes. Working with analytics SDKs like Google analytics etc.
    • Clear understanding on how Push notification works and experience in working with Firebase, APNS etc.

  • User delight
    • Build pixel perfect, buttery smooth UI across iOS and Android
    • Experience in simple to medium complexity of screen animations
    • Implemented Gesture based user interactions
    • Used frameworks such as Lottie, Material Kit, Elements, Paper, Teaset

  • Principles, Concepts and Implementation Knowledge
    • Functional Programming concepts
    • Clean Code – Dry principle, KISS Principle, Static Code Analysis, Atomic Design
    • Understanding the importance of coding good practices – SonarQube, Static Code analysis, Code linting and formatting, keeping libraries and dependencies up to date
    • Understanding of database schema, mapping data structures models and classes

  • Developer Tools and Frameworks
    • Experience in previously publishing apps to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, understanding the review processes in accepting and rejection of apps, worked with in-app purchases and their setup etc.
    • Proficient with the languages, tools, and frameworks primarily React Native and core iOS or Android development (ideally with both), including XCode, Android Studio, Swift, Java
    • Understanding and experience in using Git in a distributed team environment – branching, merging, tagging etc.
    • Experience with Agile practices using tools such as Jira and familiar with the terminologies such as Story Points, Burn Down, Scrum, Kanban etc.
    • Familiar with test frameworks – Unit Testing (Jest, Jasmine, Karma. Mocha), Behavioral Testing (Cucumber) etc.
    • Familiarity with Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Adobe Creative Suite or similar tools


  • 6 to 12 years of relevant experience
  • Graduation/Post Graduation in Computer Science or any relevant degree.
  • Team-handling experience
  • Must have international client exposure
  • Industry recognized relevant certifications – added advantage. Please call out when applying and interviewing.


Project Responsibilities

  • Be a first-class citizen in a high-performance software development team.
  • Be involved in the complete software development cycle.
  • Understand requirements and come up with technical solutions.
  • Develop software / Code as per specifications and requirements provided.
  • Write well-designed, testable code in allocated/planned timelines.
  • Take quality ownership for all that you have delivered.

Responsibilities towards Self, Team and Company

  • Acquiring the knowledge and proficiently implement in own tasks & attaining results.
  • Learn & implementing new tools & frameworks for increasing efficiency and quality.
  • Align with the company’s strategy and road map.
  • Demonstrate respect and empathy among peers and other colleagues.
  • Build trust and demonstrate reliability amongst peers.
  • Able to demonstrate the high achievement mindset and strive towards growth and support transformation.
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Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore Nearshore

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