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Moms Up® is an Asian-centric Motherhood Support App offering pregnancy, parenting, and conception resources for Asian moms and moms-to-be. It offers free resources and tools to help you manage every moment of your motherhood journey such as: Pregnancy, Parenting, and Conception Resources, Food and Nutrition Info, Community discussion forum



Caring Pharmacy

Caring Pharmacy is a Malaysian company that sells healthcare and personal care-related products of different brands.


Science for him

Science Of Him

Science of Him sells healthcare and personal care-related products which allows customers to place an order for Rx and Non-Rx products. For Rx products customers book an appointment with the doctor. The doctor calls the patient through the system and gets all the details to generate a prescription.


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Magento Consulting

We assist companies in maximizing the business value from their Magento investments with a consultative approach to business transformation and a highly specialized development team.


Magento Migration (M1 to M2)

Complex migration needs with multiplex data structures? No problem. SpurTree has worked extensively on migration projects that gives us the confidence to not just migrate without data loss but also build custom, over the top modules.


UX/UI Design

We make simple and pleasant-to-use user interfaces. We ensure that your users keep coming back and share your site with their friends. We help you grow using a customer-first approach with the best UI/UX practices.


PWA Development & Custom Integrations

SpurTree excels at PWA in order to extend your seamless customer experience on web to mobile as well. In order to ensure there’s data exchange between your internal systems, we provide any custom integration with ERPs, CRMs, CMS’, Payment Gateways etc.

People Usually Ask Us

Experiments & Flexibility: Magento 2 makes it easy to test a diverse set of tools for multiple needs that you might have. It offers a plethora of customisations in each functionality including payments, accounting, marketing, shipping and support. Improved Site Performance: Magento 2 can help you process more orders per hour with the same infrastructure delivering better server response times. This ensures that customers have a seamless experience. 3rd Party Integrations: Magento 2 is driven by an API-first approach which makes it easy to integrate with multiple 3rd party applications that will help you easily access and exchange data to run experiments and grow your business.
It is always challenging to do a migration exercise in-house as it requires not just a skill set but also a tested format that works with certainty. SpurTree follows an 8 step process that starts with a Migration Plan that’s tailored to your business and ends with Going Live with the new site. Talk to us to learn more about how we handle migration with 0 data loss and all integrations and customisations intact.
Lack of Audit & Unstructured Migration: If migration is not a planned exercise done by an expert, it could lead to further complicating data structures which could result in expensive custom development to unentangle and rebuild. Poor SEO: Magento 2 page structures require that developers tag and redirect respective pages manually, if not, it could lead to SEO scores being poor for the site. This cannot be fixed if it’s not planned for and handled by an expert team like SpurTree. Time & Vulnerability Planning: If support is not planned for, launch could lead to security breaches and other vulnerabilities. So this has to be factored into while planning for migration and launch of the new site.
Magento 2 is feature rich and has a lot of flexibility in customisations and integrations. Work with an expert to define your business needs and then pick a Magento edition that works for you.
Based on your business needs, features, integrations and customisations and size of the product catalogue, we usually believe that the following price band should work as a good rough estimate to plan your spend. Small ECommerce Websites: Between $15,000 - $30,000 Mid-Sized Ecommerce Websites: $40,000 - $80,000 Enteprise Ecommerce Websites: >$80,000+

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